This website is a directory of resources on the intersection of psychology and Effective Altruism. If you’re new to these concepts or would like to learn more, you can begin below with our general overview articles below, along with 80,000 Hours and Effective Altruism’s primary website. If you have some suggested additions, feel free to contact us or submit them here.

General Overviews:

Cause Profile: Mental HealthMichael Plant of Planting Happiness offers an overview of the global state of psychological/psychiatric need and care, and offers high-impact and cost-effective routes for addressing them.
Mental Health Report Summary – Founders PledgeFounder’s Pledge’s research summary of the state of global mental health.
How Effective Altruism Can Help Psychologists Maximize Their ImpactSuggestions on how individuals and the field as a whole can implement EA ideas to better improve human welfare.
Effective Theses List of Relevant Research AreasEffective Thesis’ list of recommended high-need research areas within psychology.